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…Or Why the “Spotify Model” would be bad for comics.

An essay.

Disclaimer: This is written from my somewhat limited understanding of business models and intellectual properties and should be taken as an opinion-piece… also it’s a bit hypocritical because I have been known to use Spotify (with…

Andrew says good things here. Spotify is whack, it’s pretty much only good if you are using it to listen to old Rudy Ray Moore spoken word albums (even then that stuff is all on youtube at this point).

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Best Friends

There really is something special about capturing such majestic photographs of animals that can’t seem to stand still…ever. Dogs are just as diverse as humans when it comes to personality and that is something that comes across very well in photographs. My work allows for a lot of natural light which only emphasizes the organic nature of these photographs.

Canon Digital Rebel T3i
Canon 50mm f/1.8 Lens

Photos by Maddy 

You can find me here: [website | tumblr | behance | flickr | wishlist]



White Girl To Half Japanese Transformation

I honestly do not know what to say. This is scary. Not the way she looks, but the way this is not only being received and also how she doesn’t seem to have any problem with, or feel anything even remotely wrong with perpetuating stereotypes like this. As seen in her previous videos (Ex., see: How to Look Like a Korean Girl and Arabic Doll Makeup), Venus portrays not only the most stereotypical features of ENTIRE RACES, but also appropriates TONS of things of the culture in said video (For a more detailed list of how exactly she does this, and an example of how what she does effects people, see this video). At first this wasn’t that big of a concern to me. But as of recent, it seems she is making more and more of these videos, where she “teaches you how to look like a *insert race* girl”. This is not okay. What is also so scary to me about this, is that there are SO many young people who watch her videos who think that this is perfectly fine, and that this is okay because she’s just “SO kawaii desu omg!!!!!!! (>^_^)>~~<3”. It doesn’t matter how pretty she is, it doesn’t matter how “innocent” she is. She needs to listen to, and understand the reasons why this is not okay, many of which are being told to her in various video responses by people this hurts and effects. The only positive thing I can seem to find from this video, is that is shows how deeply it is engrained into people that it is more attractive to have “european features” than their own (or at least, judging by the amount of magazine articles I have come across and how many people I have seen asking online “how do I look half *insert race* and half european?”). This is horrible, that people still think this way (and it was horrible to begin with). Everyone’s features are lovely. One race is not more attractive than another. It’s honestly so disturbing to see this way of thinking (that european features are the most beautiful), in what seems to be such an innocent, good-willed way, and how lighthearted it is, without a second thought. venusangelic, if you are reading this, please take the things I say into consideration. It REALLY scares me, to think that maybe someday you’ll do a video on something like “How to look like an Incan princess” (I’m half Incan and half white). It scares me because I know that it will not only hurt, but will also anger me and make me feel helpless. We already get enough of the media telling us how to look. When you go into doing a video generalization of what the entirety of one gender of a certain race “looks like”, that’s horrible, and it will make those who are a part of that race feel like they should look that way, and that they are inadequate if they do not. There are many video responses from people in these races that have already had videos done about them that say these things, so it’s not just me assuming this. I know that not one person of a race speaks for all of their race, however the amount of people these videos have effected is significant.  Please take my words into consideration before making another video like this. Thank you.

Jeeeeeez! SO I read all this thinking it was another person being oversensitive about cultural stuff but the more I looked into this Venus girl…. she’s terrible basically. In her own words, she wants to be “kawaii and kinda retarded forever”. This is a girl who goes on about having an IQ of 400 because she knows some languages, conned people into giving her money to go to a school that costs half of what she was asking for… yet admits to wanting to stay immature and stupid. UGH!